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6 Ways to Protect Your Tooth's Enamel

By Alicia Green on August 27, 2018

Enamel is a mineral substance within the body that protects the outer layer of the teeth. Enamel is the hardest substance within the human body. However since it is a mineral and does not contain living cells enamel cannot be restored and does not regenerate like other parts of the human body do. This is why it is extremely important to take great care of the enamel that you do have. Once it is goes, it is gone forever.

Signs of Enamel Loss

Sensitivity- If your teeth feel sensitive to changes in hot or cold temperate it could be a sign that your enamel is becoming weak. Mild sensitivity is expected over time, however if you are experiencing severe sensitivity you should consult with your dentist.

Discoloration- If your teeth are yellowing quickly even with regular brushing or the edges of your teeth are being to look transparent these things could be a sign of enamel loss.

Cracks and chips- If your teeth are being easily cracked, chipped, or seem to be rounded in shape these are also signs of enamel erosion.

Cupping- Cupping is the formation of indents on the teeth.

How To Prevent Enamel Erosion

  1. Stay away from highly acidic foods/drinks -Things like soda pop, citrus fruits, and fruit juices do a number on enamel. If you can’t seem to stay away from these types of food/drink rinse your mouth with water immediately after consumption to wash away the sugar and acid.
  2. Use a straw- Use a straw when drinking, this will keep the liquid towards the back of your mouth keeping the substance away from your teeth. As straws are starting to disappear around the nation consider purchasing a reusable straw or ask for an environmentally friendly option.
  3. Chew sugar free gum- Keyword: sugar free! Chewing gum boosts saliva production by ten times the normal rate! Salvia strengthens and protects your teeth against harmful substances such as acid.
  4. Drink plenty of water- Not only is drinking plenty of water good for your overall health, it continually rinses your mouth and cleans your teeth.
  5. Dental sealants- Sealants are a thin protective coating placed over the teeth. They are usually made from plastic or other dental material that adhere to your teeth to prevent cavities and protect your enamel. Ask your dentist if this option is right for you.
  6. Night guard- if you are a known teeth grinder make sure to get a night guard to protect your teeth from yourself!


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