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Monthly Donation - Angie Cella

By Alicia Green on May 02, 2019

Each month Stubbs Dental donates the proceeds of all new patient exams to a deserving member or organization of our community. March's recipient is Angie Cella.

Angie Cella monthly donation

Meet Angie Cella....a devoted wife, mother of 4 crazy awesome boys, trauma therapist, dear friend, and someone who will take the time to love and help all those she meets. Her capacity for compassion and generosity is something that touches the hearts of all who know her. 

Angie was unknowingly exposed to black mold for over 7 years. Her body initially only showed signs of severe headaches and muscles cramps, but eventually the continued exposure left her incapacitated. It was determined that she is one of the few who carries a specific gene making it almost impossible for her body to recognize toxins and therefore remove them from her body. Try as she might, with varied and numerous resources, her body has not been able to remove enough of the mold mycotoxins to even make a dent in her recovery. 

Angie currently requires 24/7 care. She had to move out of her home and is now staying with extended family. She has been unable to care for herself, or walk without assistance, and is enduring excruciating physical pain as well as shaking/convulsions, and a struggle to find words when she speaks. The mold has impacted her physical, mental, and emotional capacity. As you can imagine, it has been difficult to have a home and try to mother four children as she has continued to get worse and worse. She can not go back to her home, or her things. 

Due to her genetic susceptibility, she and her family will have to walk away from everything and start over. It’s like a house fire where everyTHING is destroyed, only in this circumstance all of the things LOOK perfectly fine. Unfortunately looks can be deceiving, and almost all of their belongings are considered contaminated. Mattresses, bedding, shoes, clothing, furniture, and most anything that was once a part of their old lives will have to be left behind. 

We are seeking the financial support they need to literally start over. Everything from clothes, all furniture, beds, towels, blankets, shoes, table, most electronics, medications, personal hygiene products, etc. will need to be replaced with new items. As you can imagine, trying to help a family of 6 begin anew is beyond expensive. Any funds raised will be used to help the Cella’s create a new home for their family, and to cover the medical costs associated with the highly specific and unique medical treatment she will need to receive over the course of the next year or so.

Stubbs Dental was able to donate $2,955 to help the Angie and her family recover and rebuild. If you are interested in donating to the Cella family please visit their Go Fund Me page. 

So remember, when you become a patient at Stubbs Dental not only are you helping yourself by taking care of your teeth, you are helping a deserving member of your local community! If you would like to nominate someone to receive the Stubbs Dental donation please send an email to

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