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Monthly Donation - 14 year old Michael Estella

By Alicia Green on June 17, 2019

Each month Stubbs Dental donates the proceeds of all new patient exams to a deserving member or organization of our community. May's recipient is Michael.

Monthly Donation Michael Estrella

This is our young Michael. He was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer Ewing Sarcoma. There are only 283 cases per year. The cancer mimics development so it is hard to detect. The cancer has spread to almost every part of his body including all of his, “Wet areas” - lungs, brain, heart, eyes and bone marrow. There is a large tumor on his leg that has infiltrated and replaced the bone. As treatment progresses and (God willing) the mass sizes reduce the bone will not be sufficient and he will lose his leg. The doctors are trying to save his vision by doing intensive radiation immediately because the cancer is putting pressure on his optic nerve causing constant double vision and eyes that fail to synchronize.

The upcoming treatments will be for a period of many months to start and then be re-evaluated. Doctors are unclear as to the duration as well as the prognosis. He is a very loving, kind child with a huge heart and whenever he sees his mom or anyone distressed about his condition he says very assuredly and assertively, "Please, don’t worry about me. I’m gonna be fine!"

They are a family with 4 children and limited resources. Both parents work full time and take loving care of Michael’s siblings, including his twin brother, Gabriel. His mother's employer, who is sympathetic to their situation has guaranteed she will have her job when she can return, but she is not able to work due to the demands of cancer treatment.

This kid is tough. Before his diagnosis, he was insisting it was growing pains and minor muscle injury received during wrestling practice. As he was visibly uncomfortable, he would still say, “I can go to school!" Michael’s outlook and family as well as prayers and blessings are undoubtedly playing a direct role in his recovery.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and equally as helpful is sharing this go fund me on any groups you're affiliated with or your own Facebook page. Any thoughts, prayers, blessings, good intentions are also deeply appreciated from our hearts. All donations go directly to Anna Joaquin Estrella, the mother of Michael in direct support.

Stubbs Dental was able to donate $2,745 to help Michael with his treatments and recovery. If you are interested in donating to Michael's fund please visit his Go Fund Me page. 

So remember, when you become a patient at Stubbs Dental not only are you helping yourself by taking care of your teeth, you are helping a deserving member of your local community! If you would like to nominate someone to receive the Stubbs Dental donation please send an email to

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