Meet Jeff: Dental Intelligence Patient Donation Recipient By Ben Hayes on May 01, 2023

Stubbs Dental Implant Center is proud to announce its partnership with Dental Intelligence, a leading provider of innovative dental solutions, to help fully fund All-on-X dental implants to patients like Jeff who are looking for a long-term, durable solution to missing teeth.

Jeff's missing teeth had a significant impact on his physical and mental health in the past. Difficulty chewing, shifting of surrounding teeth, and bone loss in the jaw lead to pain, discomfort, and a decreased ability to enjoy certain foods. Jeff also felt self-conscious about his appearance and would sometimes avoid social situations. 

Thanks to Dental Intelligence, Jeff's new All-on-X prosthetic will help to alleviate many of these physical and mental health concerns. By providing a permanent, natural-looking replacement for missing teeth, the All-on-X can improve chewing function and prevent further dental problems. Patients who receive the All-on-X can also experience an improvement in speech and facial appearance, leading to increased confidence and self-esteem.

At Dental Intelligence, we're all about creating value. We're passionate about what we do and how we do it. We trust each other and our abilities to create something special, something unique, something impactful. We make a difference for our team, customers, partners, and shareholders. We have one simple purpose - To help the dentists improve team performance, value, and overall culture in the practice. Everything we do emanates emotion, inspires engagement, and enables enrichment around that one purpose. We invite all dentists, dental practice owners, and dental practice team members, including coaches and consultants, to try us out.

We want to give a massive thank you to Dental Intelligence for their generous financial contribution that made it possible for Jeff to receive the life-changing dental work he needed. Without their support, Jeff may not have been able to afford the All-on-X prosthetic that will provide him with a permanent, natural-looking solution to his missing teeth.

The impact of this dental work on Jeff's life cannot be overstated. The All-on-X prosthetic will not only improve his ability to chew and enjoy a wider variety of foods, but it will also enhance his speech and facial appearance, leading to increased confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore, the All-on-X prosthetic will prevent further dental problems, helping to maintain his oral health and overall well-being.

Thanks to Dental Intelligence's support, Jeff will be able to experience all of these benefits and more, without having to worry about the financial burden of the treatment. We are truly grateful for their partnership and commitment to improving the lives of those in need of dental care.


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