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What can happen when you neglect your teeth

Before you brush off the importance of regular dental checkups, you might want to understand the negative impact of ignoring your oral hygiene.

Alicia Green Dec 09, 2019

6 Serious Diseases Linked to Poor Dental Hygiene

Your mouth contains loads of bacteria, most of which are harmless. However, since your mouth is the barrier to entry for your digestive and respiratory…

Alicia Green Sep 09, 2019

Are Tonsil Stones Causing Your Bad Breath?


Have you started to notice small, hard, white, stone like matter coming from the back of your throat? Has your breath started to smell…

Alicia Green Feb 11, 2019

Why You Should See Your Dentist During Pregnancy

Don't believe what you've heard! Loosing a tooth during your pregnancy is not normal! See why else you should continue seeing your dentist during your pregnancy. 

Alicia Green Nov 26, 2018

8 Common Causes of Bad Breath

It is something we all worry about. Did I brush my teeth this morning? Is that sandwich I had for lunch going to linger during my…

Alicia Green Sep 17, 2018

5 Common Dental Tools - What Are They?

We explain the five most common dental tools used during your oral hygiene appointment. 

Alicia Green Sep 04, 2018

What Your Tongue is Trying to Tell You About Your Health

Is your tongue trying to tell you something? What are those white patches, why are you getting canker sores, does your tongue feel like fur?…

Alicia Green Aug 13, 2018

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