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After One Teeth Whitening Session You Can Have a Whiter, Brighter Smile

Should I Have a Dentist Whiten My Teeth, Or Can I Do It Myself?

For patients looking to brighten their smile, our extensively trained dental team offers teeth whitening services at his Bountiful, UT, and Layton, UT, practice. There are many different methods for teeth whitening, some much more effective than others. There is whitening toothpaste, whitening strips bought over-the-counter, and whitening done by a dentist. Which method should you use?

In general, whitening toothpaste doesn’t actually do very much. Neither does whitening mouthwash. These products are great for oral health and maintaining a cavity-free mouth, but won’t do much to get rid of discolored teeth.

Woman smiling, seated on couch.Our teeth tend to discolor with age, and with certain habits in particular. Smoking, coffee and other foods and drinks can, over time, take away the brightness from our smiles.

Teeth whitening strips that you buy at the store can work decently, but they aren’t easy to use, and they don’t whiten all of the teeth. Also, beware of what you buy, as not all whitening strips work with the same effectiveness.

For the best results, teeth whitening done by a dentist is the method to use. Under the supervision of your dentist, you’ll use the most effective substances to give teeth their natural sparkle. Products bought over the counter often are very weak compared to the whitening products used by the dentist. In other cases, they are too strong. A dentist can choose the strength of whitening solution used for you.

Trying to whiten your teeth on your own is a challenge with many unknowns. It’s hard to know if the product you choose will actually do anything for you, which means wasted money and an unchanged smile. A dentist can analyze your smile and choose the best method for your case. Furthermore, dentists have teeth whitening systems at their disposal that are proven in their effectiveness. It’s safe and effective.

Some people simply shouldn’t try to whiten their smiles, as problems with the teeth like decay can increase sensitivity, resulting in pain and discomfort. This is further reason to consult with a dental professional to learn the best way to whiten your smile.

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