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Cavities and teeth cleanings are one thing, but oral surgery is another. Parents want to make sure their kids get the best, most expert care when it comes to wisdom tooth removal. This is what you’ll find with Stubbs Dental as our doctors have extensive training and experience in wisdom tooth removal at his Bountiful, UT, and Layton, UT, dental practices.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need Removing?

Three women having coffee at a table.Many different things need to happen for an individual to be okay without having his or her wisdom teeth removed. Pain, infection, distortion and more are all complications that can occur in wisdom teeth over time. Wisdom tooth removal is a preventative procedure in most cases, helping a young person stay out of future dental trouble.


A common problem with wisdom teeth is that they become impacted, meaning that they don’t fully grow in. Sometimes wisdom teeth have trouble breaking through the gums, or sometimes they partially emerge. This can lead to infection, as there are spaces between the gum and the teeth.


Sometimes our third molars (wisdom teeth) don’t grow in straight. They come in pointed in an angle, or twisted. This means that other teeth in the mouth are influenced, which can disturb alignment and lead for needed dental work later on.

What If There Isn’t Any Pain?

This is a common question many parents and teens have. After all, who wants an unnecessary surgery? The truth is that because issues with wisdom teeth are common, having them removed in the teenage years is generally accepted as the safest practice. Furthermore, wisdom teeth are a vital part of your mouth.

Waiting until you feel pain can lead to the need for additional treatment and other problems with your teeth. Serious infection can occur, or the need for teeth straightening.

Complimentary Consultations Available!

We use gentle extraction methods and sedation dentistry is available. Contact us today to reserve a time for your complimentary wisdom teeth consultation.

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